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Service & Repair for Oil Fired Heating Cornwall

Your boiler should be services annually and on completion you will be provided with an OFTEC CD11 servicing form. This certificate also covers for your tenants, second homes, holiday homes & light commercial premises.

Typical servicing of an Oil Fired Heating appliance would include the following:

  • Removal of burner from boiler appliance
  • Cleaning of the housing and primary air combustion fan
  • Cleaning of electrodes and High Tension (HT) leads, checking of all spark plugs and replacing if necessary
  • Checking of the flame failure operation and safety cut off
  • Defective burner oil filter elements and nozzle replacement
  • Cleaning all boiler flues
  • Cleaning of the combustion chamber
  • Refitting of the burner and testing
  • Full combustion test
  • Investigating the fire valves for correct operation and condition of firewire
  • Examination of the boiler plant room ventilation
  • System check of all electrical controls
  • Monitoring of the header tank and cold water supply tank valves for any potential problems
  • Replacement of oil tank filter element, if required
  • Checking for oil leakages
  • Authentic servicing stamp on the boiler with the date the service was carried out
  • Inspection and report of the oil tank for anything that doesn’t adhere to the current building regulations

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Please note that this procedure will vary from one appliance to another and our engineers will ensure the boiler plant room is left in a clean and tidy condition on completion.

Boilers that are over 15 years old are susceptible to lose of efficiency and will result in higher fuel bills. If your heating system meets both of these criteria’s it may time to upgrade your boiler.

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